EIRTH’s ELEMENT is a comprehensive and multi-faceted web-based user interface. ELEMENT serves as the access suite for our resellers, alliance partners, and merchants who need to execute various functions.

ELEMENT functionalities include:

  • Auto-Underwriting & Credit Decisioning
  • Auto-Boarding
  • Terminal Configuration and/or Deployment
  • Merchant PCI Compliance Monitoring
  • Transaction Detail Reporting (e.g., month-end statement generation, custom vertical reporting, etc.)
  • Risk Management/Transaction Monitoring
  • Data Compiling and Tracking
  • Profitability & Reconciliation Tracking
  • Reseller Commission tracking and reporting


EIRTH ELEMENT8 is our robust payment gateway to China. Its features and functionalities integrate with your chosen shopping cart.

You’re given an API integration guide to EIRTH ELEMENT8 for processing transactions, receiving the return responses and viewing the results.

EIRTH ELEMENT8 feeds raw transaction detail into our single point of entry user interface called ELEMENT. Through ELEMENT you’re able to view all your detail reporting.

The EIRTH ELEMENT8 features and functionality include:

  • Connectivity to UPOP switch; which in turn provides connectivity to all major China UnionPay issuing banks to authorize and settle UnionPay transactions.
  • Acceptance of China UnionPay debit, credit, and pre-paid cards.
  • Daily transaction feeds to EIRTH’s “Element UI” for 24/7 access to transaction reporting.
  • Auto generation of various payment instruction messages
  • Java Enterprise System framework, full-clustering and highly optimized for expansion.
  • Settlement in most major currencies including the USD, EURO, CNY (RMB).
  • Shopping cart compatibility through a simple and secure API.
  • External gateway compatibility through a simple data feed interface.
  • Ability to query system through the shopping cart via the API.
  • Ability to refunds through the shopping cart via the API.
  • API to integrate directly with the merchant’s Shopping Cart (“Checkout”) with a UnionPay credit or debit card “Buy Now” button integration.
  • Transaction discrepancy monitoring and resolution.
  • Proprietary risk monitoring of incoming transactions before entry to card association.

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