Why Accept UnionPay?

With UnionPay, You Are Adding the Biggest Card Brand in China and the World!

  • Chinese consumers are demanding acceptance of their card type in the US.
  • Today, Chinese tourists come to the US and primarily pay cash. Although nearly 90% of the ATMs in the USA accept UnionPay cards to provide cash, these ATM transactions carry additional cross-border transaction fees that discourage spending.
  • Chinese tourists spending with a co-branded UnionPay/Visa/MasterCard card pay an extra 3% currency conversion fee.
  • A department store in London installed 75 UnionPay terminals for their Chinese customers and has since reported a 40% increase in sales to Chinese customers.

UnionPay acceptance for US merchants is our focus, which is why there is no currency conversion fee when you accept UnionPay through EIRTH.

We intend to drive merchant visibility, cardholder traffic, create new customers and generate new revenue for our merchants.

UnionPay wants a larger market share in the US. EIRTH makes that possible, providing the opportunity for all merchants to grow their businesses by accepting UnionPay cards as a form of payment for online transactions.

UnionPay Facts and Statistics

  • UnionPay is China’s only card brand.
  • The People’s Republic of China established UnionPay in 2002.
  • There are 1 billion active cardholders in China, and over 5 billion cards issued worldwide.
  • UnionPay is the largest bankcard issuer in the world: More than 50% of new cards issued globally are UnionPay cards.
  • UnionPay is accepted in more than 140 countries and that number is continually growing!
  • Chinese consumers spent a record $7.7 billion USD on shopping in the U.S. last year, according to U.S. Commerce Department data. That is an increase of at least 30% annually over seven of the past eight years.
  • UnionPay has an enterprise value over $11 billion USD, and is backed by the Chinese government.

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